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Functional Fitness & Rehabilitation in Duluth

Functional fitness and rehabilitation is an important component of your treatment at Chiropractic Health Center. By combining our other treatment methods with functional rehabilitation, you get the best long-term outcomes.

By looking at your overall posture and how you move, we can determine what corrective exercises you need. You will improve your strength, conditioning, and coordination to move better and improve your daily life.

What Can I Expect?

Our functional fitness and rehabilitation programs incorporate active exercise regimes, manual treatments, and lifestyle changes. These are designed to help you restore normal function to your limbs and spine. Therapy includes identifying poor movement patterns resulting from injuries, fitness training errors, improper lifting mechanisms, and poor posture.

In conjunction with chiropractic care, you will see better results in a shorter period of time. Doing your exercises right after chiropractic treatment ensures you’ll get even more benefit out of them.

Can You Benefit?

Some of the benefits of Functional Fitness and Rehabilitation are:

Improved flexibility- If you’re an athlete, flexibility is crucial. Using a combination of stretches and other exercises, you’ll increase muscle strength and flexibility. Better flexibility reduces pain and chance of injury.

Better balance and posture- Proper balance and posture can impact your activity levels as well as sports performance. Functional rehabilitation teaches healthy lifestyle changes and exercises designed to achieve better balance and posture.

Helps manage joint pain- Age and overuse are the primary reasons for chronic joint pain. Our training can help you strengthen muscles and manage your joint pain effectively. Functional rehabilitation can also help to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis.

Improved muscle memory- A mostly overlooked benefit of functional fitness is the improvement and strengthening of your muscle memory. We know the more you exercise, the more likely your body will be to repeat similar movements in the future. As your proficiency increases, you’ll find it much easier to continue what you’ve learned in the future.

Need More Information?

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you might have about functional fitness and rehabilitation therapy. Give us a call; your satisfaction is important to us. Contact us at (218) 628-0646; we’d love to chat.


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