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Cold Laser Therapy in Duluth

Laser therapy on shoulderEvery living cell in our bodies functions at a specific frequency which is considered normal. Exposure to traumas, toxins or other stress, changes the frequency, interrupting communication between the brain and the cell.

Inflammation, swelling and pain can occur in soft tissue areas as a result. Cold laser therapy can re-establish communication to restore normal function.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Light has been used as a natural, healing source of energy for thousands of years. Cold Laser uses light energy to penetrate deep into areas where it’s needed. This energy stimulates chemical reactions within the affected cells helping to start the body’s healing process.

Cold laser works at a cellular level to stimulate tissue repair and growth. It’s great for acute and chronic injuries when inflammation persists. With virtually no side effects, and quick results, laser therapy is a great addition to your care plan.

Cold laser’s benefits are easy to see. Pain and inflammation reduce and blood circulation improves. Range of motion and function increases. Sinus congestion disappears. Skin conditions show visible changes fast; wounds heal faster and less scar tissue forms.

Other benefits seen by some patients include a stronger immune system, increased ATP production, release of muscle tension and regeneration of damaged nerve tissue.

Laser therapy is totally painless; you may feel a little warmth at the treatment site. After treatment at Chiropractic Health Center, minor joint aches, inflammation, pain and stiffness may be reduced due to increased blood circulation in the area. Improvement is usually seen quickly; the more chronic your condition, the more sessions you’ll need for full healing.

Find Out More About Cold Laser Therapy

Used in Europe for almost 50 years, laser therapy is now utilized worldwide. A safe, effective, natural way to heal a diverse group of injuries with proven results. Isn’t it time you got relief from your pain? See what Cold Laser Therapy can do for you. Contact us for an appointment today.

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