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Back Pain

Back pain can be nagging, aching, shooting, or stabbing. It can impact just about every part of your day and can prevent you from doing the activities you love. Luckily, chiropractic care can provide safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment options to help your back pain. Dr. Milbrandt at Chiropractic Health Center in Duluth would like to explain what causes back pain and offer some solutions for this common ailment.


What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can come from several sources and can be located anywhere throughout the spine. Sometimes, back pain is sudden and acute stemming from an injury. Common back pain injuries can include fractures to the bones, or tears, ruptures, or sprains impacting the soft tissues including the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Other times, back pain is the result of a chronic disease or condition. Osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease can cause ongoing back pain.

The Symptoms of Back Pain

Back pain can vary greatly depending on the location of the injury and the severity of the condition. For some, back pain is dull and aching and comes on gradually, often worsening with age. For others, back pain can be sharp and stabbing and somewhat localized to the site of the injury. Sometimes, back pain is accompanied by other symptoms like soreness, stiffness, and swelling. Another common symptom is a limited range of motion, becoming unable to bend or twist as much as usual. Furthermore, sometimes numbness and tingling will accompany back pain.

Our Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractic care offers safe and non-invasive treatment options. Our chiropractor will use several tools to mitigate and heal your back pain. A spinal adjustment is one of the most common procedures and can help restore proper alignment to the spine. We may also use functional fitness & rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles surrounding your back injury. Functional fitness & rehabilitation can also restore flexibility and lengthen the muscles supporting the spine. Other modalities like laser therapy and medical massage, can also be helpful when treating ongoing back pain.

Contact Us for Quality Chiropractic Care in Duluth, MN

At Chiropractic Health Center, we understand just how difficult ongoing back pain can be to deal with every day. Even the slightest movement can be painful and prevent you from enjoying the activities that you love. We can treat back pain with a range of chiropractic services and techniques. Call Chiropractic Health Center today at (218) 628-0646 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Milbrandt.



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